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  • EPISODE 2: Elisha Wellerstein Discusses His Life-changing Trip To Poland June 21, 2018
    In this gripping interview, Elisha Wellerstein, devoted friend and supporter of EMET, discusses his unforgettable experience touring Poland and Prague. He describes witnessing the remarkable growth of EMET's students, and the impact the trip had on his personal growth. And he goes into great detail of how it felt to discover his heritage as a […]
    Rabbi Akiva Rutenberg
  • Episode 1: Dr. Mark Rutenberg's insights on Shavous from the Sfas Emes May 14, 2018
    In this inaugural podcast, EMET CEO Rabbi Akiva Rutenberg shares exciting programming highlights and recent happenings at EMET. His father, Dr. Mark Rutenberg, shares beautiful insights from the Sfas Emes. 
    Rabbi Akiva Rutenberg