Emet’s Women’s Shabbaton Brings Spirituality In Time For Elul


Labor Day weekend was an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and grow in observance for a group of 20 Emet Outreach students. Led by Ms. Shira Fendel, Emet Women’s Director, the young women spent a wonderful three-day weekend together. On Friday, they went boating on the Jersey Shore and then relaxed for a few hours by a private pool. Then it was off to a beautiful rented house in Brook Hill Estates in Lakewood for Shabbos. The group enjoyed dinner together on Friday night and then were hosted by families in the community on Shabbos day...


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Emet Outreach Hosts Inspiring Pre-Rosh HaShanah Challah Bake

Challah Bake

It was an evening of unity and inspiration when mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends gathered at Congregation Bet El in Fresh Meadows. Over 120 women followed directions as Mrs. Leah Abramov guided them through the steps of baking challah. While waiting for the challahs to rise, the crowd formed a circle and Daniella Bababekov, an Emet student, sang a beautiful rendition of Sh’ma Yisrael. Perry Arabov, another student, set the tone of t’filah in the room, and that encouraged everyone to take a few moments to pray. The women also joined together to light candles...


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Rabbi Binyamin Yuhanan Speaks In Hillcrest For Emet Outreach

Rabbi Yuhanan

On Wednesday evening, August 28, community women gathered at Congregation Beth El in Hillcrest for the first of an eight-class series of lectures on the Shabbos home (hilchos Shabbos). The next seven classes will be held at the Emet Outreach center at185-12 Union Turnpike, Fresh Meadows, NY 11366. There will be four or five classes before Rosh HaShanah and the rest will follow after Sukkos...


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Rabbi Eliyahu Maksumov - Good Cop, Bad Cop

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Hundreds Participate As Emet Outreach Visits Jamaica Estates And Fresh Meadows For Historic Shabbat Of Chizuk

On Shabbat, Parshat VaYechi, Emet Outreach held a community Shabbat of Chizuk and Inspiration in Jamaica Estates and Fresh Meadows. “This was a watershed moment for our organization,” said one Emet staff member. “We had the exciting opportunity to share our success with this amazing community, and we’re hoping to build on our new partnership by working together moving forward. Founded 15 years ago, EMET has been a Queens staple for many years. Last year, it moved into its new headquarters in Jamaica Estates, and has been welcomed graciously by the surrounding neighborhoods. Five shuls participated in this jam-packed Shabbat...

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Massive Crowd Of 250+ Enjoys An Inspiring Chanukah Party, Emet-Style

On Sunday, December 9, the eighth night of Chanukah, Emet Outreach held a gala party for its students and alumni at the spacious Young Israel of Kew Gardens Hills Simchah Hall. Over 250 guests attended what was described as an epic event, which included uplifting divrei Torah, the talented DJ Dice, valuable prizes, powerful dancing, and seemingly endless food.

Emet’s popular Program Director, Sara Basiratmand (aka Sara B.), worked tirelessly, planning and coordinating an unforgettable party with all the trimmings, including entertainment...

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Emet Holds Unique Event In Jamaica Estates To Make Marriages Stronger, More Exciting

At Emet Outreach, we're always looking for bold, innovative strategies to inspire Torah growth. On Sunday, November 11, we tried to take this to a new level, giving couples an unforgettable experience to deepen, enhance, and strengthen their relationships. Spouses spent several hours engaged in fun and exciting activities, laser-focused on bonding with each other. At this dramatically fresh and cutting-edge event, Couples’ Boot Camp in the Young Israel of Jamaica Estates, hosted by Emet’s thriving, fast-growing Couples’ Division, 34 spouses took several hours from their busy weekends to...

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An Impactful Shabbat in Kew Gardens For Emet’s Stony Brook Students

Some consider it the most powerful 25 hours in kiruv – a powerful and inspiring Shabbaton. No matter how many classes a student attends or how many hours of learning he or she experiences, nothing is as life-changing as witnessing an entire Shabbos; especially if it’s spent with welcoming families, friends, and teachers, and features delicious food, an oneg, and uplifting learning and discussions.

On Shabbos Parshas Chayei Sarah, 22 Stony Brook University students discovered the beauty of Shabbos in Kew Gardens. They witnessed a Carlebach-style Kabalas Shabbos, an emotional Friday night program, a nearly three-hour Q&A session, chavrusa learning, a stimulating Shalosh Seudos...

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JSA And Emet Host An Inspiring Challah Bake At St. John’s University

The D’Angelo Center of St. John’s University is a beautiful building, with a soaring two-story lobby, glass stairs, and a working fireplace – if you can find it among the labyrinth of the college campus, which is really a small city. But find it I must. The JSA-Emet Challah Bake is not an event to miss. So I ask one student, then another. I’m pointed up a graceful flight of shallow stairs, down a mini-street – seriously, there are green road signs – up a hill, and then I confirm at the door that this is indeed the D’Angelo Center. Then I wander around the cavernous space until I find a staircase to the fourth floor, room 416 B&C. As soon as I push open the door, I know I’m in the right place. For one, shawarma, onion rings, and middle-eastern style salads (heavy on the roasted eggplant and the pickled everything) are being set up on a few side tables. Experience has acquainted me with Emet’s rotating array of...

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Emet’s Popular Seminary Featuring Rebbetzin Tehila Jaeger Begins Its Second Year

It’s not easy for young married women and college students to invest their time on a Sunday morning, let alone each week for an entire semester. Yet a group of dedicated students come to Emet’s Learning Center every week to learn Torah and experience unparalleled growth.

This past Sunday, Emet Outreach’s seminary for girls, Ateret Emet, began the fall semester of its second year. Led by Emet Women’s Director Shira Fendel and featuring the renowned Rebbetzin Tehila Jaeger, this weekly program offers upper-level students an insightful and deeper understanding of halachah, t’filah, hashkafah, Navi, and other fundamental topics. The curriculum typically focuses on subject matter that many people, including those who have an extensive yeshivah background, tend to find mystifying…

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